Handle Attachment

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Handle Attachment made in England

1. Brass Polish

  • 1.Small 38x12mm
    inner 16mm 1,650JPY
    cod :at_en_s
    attachment small
  • 2.Medium 41x13mm  sold out
    inner 18mm
    cod :at_en_m
    attachment medium
  • 3.Large 47x16mm  sold out
    inner 21mm
    cod :at_en_l
    attachment large

  • S.M.L
    buck side

Attachment Made in Japan

*Handle Attachment
Brass Brushed

  • 1. 1,000JPY inner21mm
    cod :at_jp_21
    attachment JP

  • 2. 800JPY inner17mm
    cod :at_jp_17
    attachment JP

  • 3. 800JPY inner20mm
    cod :at_jp_20
    attachment JP

Solid Brass Attachment Made in Japan

*Handle Attachment solid brass

  • 1. XLarge
    48x17mm (inner25mm) 860JPY
    cod :at_sb_x
  • 2. Large
    50x17 (inner20mm) 860JPY
    cod :at_sb_l
  • 3.Medium
    40x14 (inner16mm) 830JPY
    cod :at_sb_m
  • 4. Small
    38x14mm (inner16mm) 800JPY
    cod :at_sb_s

  • L,M,S

High Quality Attachment Made in Italy

Brass Polish
Made in Italy is always the best!
Beautiful handle attachment.

Size : 27mmx14mm inner 20mm
cod :at_it_bp

attachment ITY

  • Thick Brass

  • Buck side

Ring with Screw-in Pin

Solid Brass

  • 1. inner 15mm 600JPY
    cod :at_jp_s15
    Ring with Screw-in Pin

  • 2. inner 7mm 500JPY
    cod :at_jp_s7
    Ring with Screw-in Pin